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              Awarded First Place & Best of Show Honors


      In 1994, when I started painting, I never would have thought that my artwork would take me on so many adventures and challenges.  Exposed to the art world by an inspiring neighbor, I learned most of my painting techniques and color mixing through experimentation and trial and error.  When my neighbor instructed me on the technique of painting with the canvas turned upside down, I immediately said "You've got to be kidding?"  But this technique has not only allowed me to paint shapes and objects in the like manner, it allowed me to overcome the limitations of my arm reach resulting from my disability; quadriplegia, the result of an accident at sixteen.  As written in an article by Ozzie Robert in the San Diego Union Tribune, "Upon discovering that he could accommodate his short reach by creating his opuses with the canvas in an upside-down position, he knew he had to start looking at things from a different perspective."  Indeed I looked at things in a different perspective, and it came in the form of creating works of art that displays my visions of life and transcends my abilities, dismissing any limitations. 


My art includes a multiplicity of still lifes, representational art, portraits, Southwestern art, seascapes, landscapes and pets. Because of the wide variety of subjects, my motivation to paint never seems to take a holiday. My inspiration for my Southwestern art comes from travels throughout the West and my fondness of the open plains.  With my portraits, I'm captured by the fact that every brush stroke can change the character or mood of the person at that moment in time. Whatever the subject matter may be, my clients appreciate the amount of detail and realistic coloring that go into each painting, and they are treated to a piece of art that will adorn any household and to which they can enjoy for many years to come.